Bluestacks for PC, Laptop | Windows (7, 8.1 & 10) – Free Download

Bluestacks for PC: Download Bluestacks for PC on Windows 7 from hereEveryone loves android apps and games. They make our life easy and keep us entertained at the same time. Many times, most of us use PC and feel the need to run or access our android apps and games from our PC. If you have ever been in this situation, certainly we have a solution for you. There are many Softwares for PC which allows users to run android apps and games on their PC. One of the leading software is BlueStacks 

BlueStacks allows you to install and run various Android app at one time right on your computer or laptop. Bluestacks is one of the most popular android emulators for PC or laptop in today’s world. Using this software, you can run any game or app on your PC.

Bluestacks for PC on Windows – Download


Android being an user-friendly operating system, make the user addicted to it. Most of us are addicted to android games like Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Crossy Roads, etc. Using BlueStacks for PC, you can play all these games on your PC without any hassles. You may have been adapted to play games or run apps on a small screen, but there’s a whole new world when you play games on a big screen like your desktop computer or laptop. In this article, I will guide you on how you can run various android apps on your PC using BlueStacks. You can also download BlueStacks for PC from one of the download links below.

How to Download BlueStacks For PC

BlueStacks offer two option for downloading the software. You can download the offline installer for BlueStacks, or you can download the Bluestacks executable to download the files later. In both cases, you are going to require an active and reliable internet connection.

Bluestacks for laptop

You can download BlueStacks from their official website from here Or you can download it from one of the download links given below. The download links which are given below are 100% malware-free and obtained through trusted and reliable sources.

Installing the software is pretty easy. You do not have to go through a very-long installation process. Before moving on to the installation process, make sure that you have download BlueStacks from one of the download links given above.

You can follow these simple instructions to install BlueStacks on your PC

  • After downloading BlueStacks, double-click on the downloaded installation file.
  • You will be prompted with the installation window. Click on “Next” and select all the appropriate options one by one.
  • Once you click on ‘Next’, you will see a green progress bar titled “Downloading needed files.”
  • After the required files are downloaded, you can now run bluestacks on your computer.

Easy as that! It only takes a few minutes to install the software on your PC.

Install android app or game in BlueStacks.

Once you have installed BlueStacks correctly, further it is not a much-complicated process. Even a 5-year old kid can go through the process and get it done. Follow the simple instructions below to download and install your favorite android game or app in BlueStacks.

Bluestacks for windows

  • #1. Open BlueStacks for PC.
  • #2. Once the emulator is up and running, you will see a ‘search box’ to the top-left corner of the screen.
  • #3. Search for your desired app or game through the search box.
  • #4. Download the app from Play Store or the AppMarket.
  • #5. Follow the installation process of the app, and that’s it!

Repeat the process to install as many apps as you want. Download your preferred apps and games and enjoy it on big-screen. You will be baffled after using them on your PC or laptop.

Features Of BlueStacks for PC


You must have a good idea about what Bluestacks is by now. Let us have a look at some of the features offered by this software. BlueStacks comes with some top-notch and amazing features which will leave you amazed. Here are some of the well-known features of BlueStacks.

  1. Lets you search and install your favourite app and game right from your desktop computer or laptop.
  2. The software is absolutely free without any hidden charges or costs.
  3. You can download paid apps for free through BlueStacks.
  4. The software has a simple User-Interface, which runs smoothly without causing any lag spikes.
  5. You can login with your Google account to enable synchronization feature so that data between your Android device and BlueStacks app player stays updated.
  6. The software runs perfectly on different versions of windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  7. It supports all input devices like Keyboard, Mouse, etc.
  8. It allows one click installation of apps.

Some of the most amazing features you have ever spotted in your life. Right? These features are  one of the top reason why you should download BlueStacks.


I hope you have now fully understood about the BlueStacks for PC software. It is one of the best softwares currently to run your favorite android game or app on a desktop computer or laptop. None other software can beat BlueStacks when it comes to User-Interface and user-friendly environment. The top-notch features provided by Bluestacks are also one of the reasons why BlueStacks is preferred over other softwares.

I hope you liked this article on BlueStacks for PC. However, if you have any issues or problems while installing the software or app, feel free to comment below, and we will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible. For any queries about the software, or to report any bugs in it, you can contact us through our email.

Bluestacks App Player | Android Emulator for Mac & PC – Download

Bluestacks App Player: Bluestacks is definitely one of the best Android emulator not just for Windows but also for MAC too. We all love to play games and the Android platform provides us with the finest of games and apps ever to play. So with the help of Bluestacks App Player we are able to not only use Android apps but round the same firmware of Android in our system as Virtual Machine.

Well there are many new Android To MAC emulators being released but the finest one is still Bluestacks with such new features and low specifications required for installation. When we consider about downloading Bluestacks For MAC, then specification does not matter much because every MAC and MacBook devices has more than minim requirements to run Bluestacks Android Emulator.

Bluestacks App Player | Android Emulator for PC, Mac – Download



Moreover you might be wondering why I would really be interested in playing and using Android apps over a MAC or PC. My answer would be your Android device screen might go up to high size of 5.5 inch that would not entertain every gameplay or app customization indeed. So with the help of big screen such as a MAC or PC and Mouse controller you can play games in a more efficient way and baffling manner indeed.

Bluestacks For MAC Features

We have literally discussed how Bluestacks would help you play games even better and run apps in an incredible way. But let me exploit some more features so that you can do even more.

  • Bluestacks can be downloaded for free of cost
  • It has a simple interface similar to Android VM
  • You get to feel Android Smartphone right on your desktop
  • Play Games and Run apps without interruption
  • You can connect with Google Play to save game data
  • Download Games directly from PlayStore or Online Apk as well
  • You can even install the best apps like WhatsApp and Clash Of Clans
  • Make use of Mouse and Large screen for better viewing

Download Bluestacks For MAC OS X – Bluestacks App Player For MACBOOK PRO

  • In this guide we will be explaining you how to download and install Bluestacks Emulator for MAC OS and other MAC devices such MACBook Pro etc.
  • First of all you will have to visit or go to Bluestacks Official website
  • Next step is to click on the Download page on top and continue
  • Now you need to select “Download For MAC” option and click on it
  • Wait as the Bluestacks 2 exe will be downloaded in sometime
  • Once download is complete, double click on the exe installer
  • Next would be to select where to install the emulator and wait
  • It will take up to few minutes for the emulator to install
  • Once the installation process is completed, popup will appear saying “Installation Completed”
  • Finally you have installed Bluestacks Emulator For MAC OS X!

But after installing main thing is to activate your account by setting up it with a Google account for future use.

Thanks for bearing with us to read on how you can install Bluestacks App Player For MAC Desktop easily. If you have any problem then post your feedback or queries in the comments below.

Andyroid for PC, Laptop | Windows (7, 8.1 & 10) – Free Download

Andyroid for PC: Ever thought of experiencing playing multiples of interesting Android games on your desktop as well as operating all the Android apps on your PC? Well then let me tell you that technology advancement has made it everything possible for everyone to enjoy our lives better in an easier way. Android is one of the best applications for switching desktop to Android devices so through this amazing application you can run both the Android apps and games on your PC and MAC. Eventually, Andy is an Android emulator through which you can build up a structure between mobile phone devices and desktop. So ultimately when there’s a connection between the two devices you can, fortunately, make a powerful bridge between your PC and a Smartphone.

Andyroid for PC for Windows – Download


This app especially helps the user to compute the barriers between the desktop and the mobile phone. This android emulator will also enable you to play all types of mobile games on your desktop. In fact, you can use your mobile phone as a device like a joystick while playing games on the desktop. Indeed you can use all types of your mobile apps for communication on your desktops, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Viber. For using this app on your desktop, you can also download BlueStack, as it is one of the best Android emulators.

If you do want to install this emulator on your device, well it is very easy to install and use. You just need to make sure that it should be completed without any hassle free. Today I will share you some of the few steps to install and use it on your PC.

Features of Andyroid Download for PC:

Andyroid emulator comes with the best features which are definitely free of cost and it is completely better than the apps of Bluestacks and YouWave. Follow the amazing features of Andyroid given below:

  1. This amazing app runs the best communications apps ever on your desktop very easily and smoothly such as Wechat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, twitter and much more.
  2. Popular and trending games such as Clash of Clans, League of Legends, joystick, Dr. Driving and much more are definitely better on the desktop with a large screen.
  3. Multiples of apps and games can be downloaded easily through these amazing apps.
  4. Andyroid emulator application can be easily used on both the desktop as well as MACs.
  5. Users can synchronize their Android devices with the desktop easily through the help of this app.
  6. Users can enjoy playing multiples of interesting Android games with the large screen of PC with the help of this app.
  7. Andyroid has tied up with auto updater that keeps the user automatically updated with all the latest updates of everything such as news, apps, movies and much more.
  8. The user interface and the design of this application is one of the best and easiest processes of using.

Best Alternatives of Andyroid Emulator:


You can easily download the best Android emulator that will help you to experience the fun of your Android device on your PC with lots of advantages of the awesome user interface and amazing features. Android emulators mimic the software’s and hardware’s features of your Android devices through the functions of not call. So given below are the best rated Android emulators to download for your windows:

  • BlueStacks Android Emulator: It is undoubtedly one of the best Android emulators for both the user and the advertiser. This free download android emulator can automatically seek for Android applications and display on the user interface.
  • Andy Android Emulator: This application will seamlessly synchronize your application to your PC from your Smartphone. It also allows for the push application that make ideal for the social application such as like WhatsApp and Viber.
  • Jellybean Android Emulator: The Android makers officially make this app. It is very popular among all the Android app emulators, and it is aimed at testing beta version Android applications by the developers.
  • GenyMotion Android Emulator: Geny is probably known for its high speed, as it is built in an x89 architect design along with an OpenGL and a hardware that can accelerate and support it. The processor has a vast capacity as that brings another incredible dimension in the software. These also help the application and the operating systems updates. More than two millions of users use this android emulator for PC. To use this application, you will need to open an account with Genymotion Cloud.
  • YouWave: This Android app emulator is considered as one of the fastest and easiest application for installing anything due to its less CPU usage. Once it is installed on your device, you can run Google play store smoothly and enjoy multiple apps on your PC and enjoy it.

So, these are the best Andyroid emulator where you can switch your PC on your Android devices and enjoy playing all the android games on your PC with a larger screen as well as communicate smoothly.